Go Faster, Add Lightness!

Less Is More. New Lightweight Crank Pulley (Non Underdrive) To Suit VAG 2.0 FSI Engines.

Like all GFB lightweight pulleys, this one begins life as a single 6061 aluminium alloy billet, and is then precision CNC machined to exacting tolerances. We then anodize it black for a stealthy appearance and superior wear resistance.

This results in a large saving of 1.4kg of rotating mass over the factory pulley, without sacrificing strength or reliability.

Like all GFB lightweight pulleys, you can feel the improvements:

  • Sharper throttle response (particularly off boost)
  • Engine feels more willing to rev
  • Stronger “urge”

Golf Mk 5 Non under-drive Crank Pulley

SKU: 2012